沉重而絢爛的十二月 our heavy yet beautiful december (開幕電影 Opening)


共同創作:反世貿錄像遊擊隊 |製作:錄影力量(影行者前身)及八樓(自治八樓前身)|語言:廣東話/英語 (中/英文字幕)2005/香港/150分鐘/彩色

an oppressive and yet vibrant december – the peoples’ struggle against
the WTO at hong kong, 2005
collaborative act: anti-WTO video guerrilla |
produced by: video power (predecessor of v-artivist and 8a (predecessor
of autonomous 8a) |
language: cantonese/english with english or chinese subtitles) |
2005 / hong kong / 150 mins. / all colors


5/10/2013 (開幕Opening)


2:30 PM

2:30 PM

唐三 Tong Saam

Hong Kong House of Stories




what were you doing during december 2005?  something spectacular seems
to have happened then.  but before the dust was settled, the curtain was
drawn.  what actually happened?   twenty-some videos recording wanchai
in 2005.  activists from around the world, farmers planting rice, millet
or corn and workers, what urged them to travel all the way to this
“prototype of capitalist free market economy”?  women, youths, parents
and children, what were their thoughts and feelings participating in
this struggle?  the mass media overwhelmingly reported on how the korean
farmers torn down the barricades.  through their lens, did we learn of
what happened on the streets?  what then were the civic independent
medias?  what information do we receive?  how do these information
connect to our lives?  and what do all these correspond with
international trade?

“anti-WTO”, what are they against, anyway?

bearing the experience of, the pride of three steps a bow, the scorching
pain of the pepper spray, the suffocation of the teargas, the newfound
friends across borders, the activists who participated in this struggle,
returned to the hearts of our city, trekked along with the local
grassroots, and has been struggling for 8 years.  until now in 2013, we
look back and reflect on these her/histories of struggles, and call on
the attention of the civil society, because the assault of the
globalised capital, is once against pressing towards our doors steps.
in december this year, the Ministerial Meeting of the WTO shall once
again be held in asia.  how then should we respond?




未存在的故鄉.第一部(閉幕電影) exodus of nowhere


共同創作:吳以諾、胡家偉、李維怡 |製作:影行者|語言廣東話/福建話/海南話/潮州話/普通話/波斯語/西班牙語/英語/中文字幕|2002﹣2013/香港/75分鐘/彩色/DV

worldmigration2 littletv


30/11/2013 (閉幕 Closing)

7:30 PM

2:30 PM

香港藝術中心agnès b. 電影院

agnès b. CINEMA, Hong Kong Arts Centre


Community Recycling Coop ,Industrial Relations Institute



〔只隔一江水〕:近年在香港,圍繞著「移動」和 「本土」的對立展開了十分劇烈的社會爭議,彷彿兩者只可以是相互排斥的身份。〔只隔一江水〕環繞著近廿年裡首宗掀起爭議的「港人內地所生子女爭取居港權運動」,在九九年人大釋法後的第十四年,以居港權運動的家長和子女穿越邊界的故事,尋問「人」的立足點。

觀眾觀影後感: https://smff2013.wordpress.com/2013/09/24/exodus-of-nowhere-audiencefeedback-2/


exodus of nowhere. episode one

co-created:enoch ng、kelvin wu、lee waiyi |produced:v-artivist|language: cantonese/fujian dialect/hainan dialect/chaozhou dialect/mandarin/spanish/persian/english/chinese subtitles|2002﹣2013/hong kong /75 min/colors/dv

exodus of nowhere is a series of work concerning the relationships between the  grassroot people and borders. episode one would be shown in this film festival.

prologue: capital globalization adores the free global flows and connections, declaring that we are living in a world without borders. however, the so-called “free flow” only belongs to capital agglomeration, the flow is far less easy and free for grassroots. the flow for grassroots always comes along with numerous barriers and casualties. ethnic conflicts have led to infinite tragedy in history. unfortunately, tragedies seem to have repeated themselves, over and over again. can this spell be ever broken? the three people who made this film is trying to find a trace, through looking into small family histories and grand narration of human migration.

the water is wide: conflicts evolving around “migration” and “locality” have been furious in hong kong recently. it seems that these two can only be to a pair of confrontation. the water is wide tells the story of the very first of these serious conflicts, which is the right of abode issue of children of hong kong citizens who were born in the mainland china before the 1997 handover. at the fourteenth anniversary of National People’s Conference interpretation of Basic Law (concerning the right of abode), we look back at this story and seek for a standing point for a human being.


20131130_154656 20131130_150014

觀影線索~關於【媒體】viewing trends: on media


註:詳見《匯豐皇國(2012.10.6-7) 社運電影節十年最黑暗的兩天」》,http://smff2012.wordpress.com/2012/10/12/smffvshsbc/

on media

in 2012, the 10th hong kong social movement film festival is forcefully evicted by the hsbc security guards*, the mass media distorted the news as “occupy central” activists tried to re-occupy the hsbc ground-floor space (“occupy central” as echoing the “occupy wall street” movement in north america). mass media attempt to tell the public the “facts” they produced. with delicately-made news frame, mass media somewhat traumatize the weaks or demonize the marginalized communities which are not welcomed by the mainstream society. the selected images, sound, filming angles or even the outfit of the reporters shown on the television, could only tell the public part of the truth (even no truth) as the mass media wish. it seems that, mass media is so powerful that the public could not avoid but only to accept this cruelty. but, is it the whole story? as ordinary citizens or as activists, you may seek possible answers from the films.

* : see <hsbc kingdom 2012.10.6-7, the darkest two days for the ten-year social movement film festival> http://smff2012.wordpress.com/2012/10/12/smffvshsbc/